Warranty & Repairs

Product Warranty

Loggia Gear products include a two-year limited warranty to the original owner against product failure caused by manufacturing, material, and design defects. Products will be repaired when possible or replaced based on the specific needs of each case.

Scuffs, punctures, or tears caused by wear, misuse, accidents, or extreme weather are not covered, however, they can usually be easily fixed with seam tape by the user. Our products are constructed from lightweight materials and components, and some wear and tear is to be expected.


If you have a repair or warranty question please contact us.


Repairs can typically be done by the owner with single-sided Dyneema® repair tape or UltraTNT™ PSA tape. Please contact us and we will try and help find the best solution to repair your gear. Repairs due to improper use, accidents, or general wear and tear, may be charged for materials, labor, and return shipping.